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FAQ – Can I buy Residential property in my ssas?

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Can I buy Residential Property in My SSAS?

Can I buy residential property in my SSAS?

No, well some types maybe, I’ll try to explain but this is a hotly debated topic.

HMRC rules say that you are not allowed to buy or hold residential property in your SSAS, basically to stop you using your pension to buy your house and living in it.
What follows can be contested and please do not take it as fact, you need to consult with your SSAS management trustee before making any investment.

There are some exception to the residential rule, one is supported living, supported living companies lease property like commercial this makes it a commercial transaction not renting using an AST.

If the property is deemed uninhabitable or has no utilities connected then it can be purchased in the SSAS, but it can not be owned by the SSAS at the point it becomes habitable, the system to transfer the property out at this point is used in commercial conversions as well.

You could use a loan back to the sponsoring company to purchase a property and use the property as security, this is a great strategy for buying at auction or using it as short term bridging finance, not all trustee’s agree with this so it is best to check.

There are a number of ways to buy residential property using SSAS, I would suggest attending a SSAS North West Meeting to find out more.