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FAQ – What can I invest my ssas into?

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What can I invest my SSAS into?

What can I invest my SSAS into?

One key reason why SSASs are so popular is that they offer a wide range of investments that may be selected by the pension holder or their adviser. You may choose a management trustee which makes scheme administration more efficient and can offer help, not advice, when it comes to investments. Investment into stock markets can be made directly by using online trading platforms or through an appointed stockbroker.

  • Invest in all of the investment types allowed for Personal Pensions (Including SIPPs)
  • Lend pension money back to the Establishing (Linked) Employer
  • Borrow to invest
  • Lend to other businesses either individually or as a group
  • Invest in Commercial and some (specified) residential property, individually or jointly
  • Buy esoteric assets such as physical Gold, Crypto assets, unlisted shares
  • Make personal or Employer contributions receiving the appropriate Tax relief