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FAQ – What investments are not permitted?

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What investments are not permitted?

What investments are not permitted by a SSAS Pension?

A SSAS provides lots of investment opportunity but there are some rules about what you’re not allowed to invest in directly, you are not allowed to;

  • Break the HMRC rules specifically those contained in FA2004.
  • Take benefits other than as prescribed.
  • Lend to yourself or parties ‘connected’ to you (‘Connected’ – other than where in the appropriate format).
  • Buy assets deemed taxable assets (Tangible Moveable, Residential property).
  • Fail to submit information required by HMRC.
  • Fail to keep good records.
  • Be disqualified as a Trustee (or become unfit or improper).
  • Commit or be a party to Pension liberation fraud.
  • Act without Prudence, Commerciality or Security.