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Service Providers

Service Providers

As part of helping SSAS Trustee’s, SSAS North West work with a number of service providers that attend our meetings and offer advice and services to our group.

The service providers listed below are know by the group and have helped many people in the group, including ourselves, grow knowledge and understanding in many aspects of SSAS and investing.

The List is in Alphabetical Order

Empowered Pensions

Empowering real investment choices with your own company SSAS
SSAS Setup, Empowered Pensions will help business owners correctly set up their pension scheme and obtain its HMRC registration.
SSAS Administration, Empowered Pensions can act as the ‘Scheme Administrator’, maintaining the scheme compliance and implementing the decisions made by the Trustees, whilst guiding them against inappropriate action.
Visit Empowered Pensions Website Here

Retirement Capital

We provide to company directors a self-administered scheme, so they can grow their wealth securely, with the re-assurance of a strong and capable administrator supporting their journey.
Clients come to us because their needs are often unique or they feel let down by their current SSAS provider, typically on the basis of hidden charges or poor customer service experience. We respond with services and solutions that can be tailored to match their requirements and we believe that use of cutting-edge technology makes access to information to be part of that solution process.
Visit Retirement Capital Website Here

icw consulting

The Clear & Now….
Not a spelling mistake, ICW Consulting help you create a Clear Vision, plus develop the Now Tasks to make that vision a reality.
If you’re going on a journey, you first need a destination, you then need a map/route to help get you there. Starting and running a business is a journey, starting and running a SSAS Pension is a journey.
You require a clear vision of your future (your destination) a projection of your future self and your lifestyle. Without a destination you will just drift, which will get you some way down the road, but you’ll expended far more energy than required. Clear focus will get you to your destination efficiently and faster than you ever thought possible.
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